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Bicycle Lanes

If a bicycle lane is marked with a single solid white line right up to the intersection. This requires drivers to approach the intersection for a right turn remaining to the left of the bicycle lane at all times. The turn is initiated after entering the intersection...

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Cutting Off A Semi This post comes from the request of many truck drivers that I know. Hopefully it does them justice and gets the point across to all you new and seasoned drivers!  Thanks Ginette C! Cutting off a Semi is a No No!  The hardest part of being...

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Texting and Driving. No No NO!

True Story! This story takes place May long weekend 2012, Winnipeg Manitoba.     I had just spent a great long weekend out in Kenora, Ontario and was now on the North perimeter, almost at the Main street turn off to head home.  Oh yes, I almost forgot, I was...

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