We’ve all been there before, we are driving down a residential street with parked cars and all of a sudden there is another car heading your way.   Most people think the person without the parked cars has the right of way in this situation.  WRONG!

Highway Traffic Act States:

Keeping to right when meeting 112(1)

The driver of a vehicle shall keep to his right when he is meeting another vehicle that is moving.

So if you read this line and understand it, it basically means that both vehicles shall keep to the right because both are meeting another vehicle.

Yielding half of roadway 112(2)

The driver of a vehicle upon a roadway that has a width for only one line of traffic in each direction shall, when meeting another vehicle that is moving, give to the other vehicle at least one-half of the roadway as nearly as possible.


Most people will pull over if there is a spot available but sometimes there isn’t so each car should move over and share the road.

Passing on very narrow roadways 112(3)

If it is impracticable for drivers of moving vehicles that are meeting one another
(a) each to give to the other at least one-half of the roadway; or
(b) to pass each other on the right;
each of the drivers shall immediately stop his vehicle and before proceeding to pass the other shall take all reasonable steps to learn whether he can do so with safety to himself and others; and, if required, each of the drivers shall assist the other to pass in safety.


Let’s get back to the basics and simply be courteous to each other.  Stand offs never end well, is it really necessary to be a winner in this situation?



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