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By Law Driving School offers Class 5 Driving lessons for all ages and all levels.  Furthermore, our Certified Driving instructor is Winnipeg born, English speaking and female.  Along with having years of experience and loads of patience, she will ensure you a comfortable learning environment.  Before being issued a permit from MPI, all driving schools and  instructors must also have a clean CRIMINAL RECORD SEARCH (including the VULNERABLE SECTOR) as well as a clean Child Abuse Registry Check. You know you are safe with By Law Driving School.

Parallel parking and defensive driving skills are incorporated into all lessons (packages and single lessons) as well as free pick up and return to your location.

Students will use a clean, smoke free,  training car equipped with the MANDATORY dual brake system as well as dual mirror.   The training vehicle must be approved by MPI before being issued a permit.

Above all, By Law Driving School’s focus is to supply a safe and comfortable driver learning experience while patiently teaching the driving skills needed for you to become a good driver.

The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill;  The willingness to learn is a choice.

Is Driving School for you?

Don’t let anyone tell you your too old for school! There are many reasons why people wait to get their drivers licence. At By Law Driving School we understand that life is different for everyone. For example, maybe you never really had the need to drive because your spouse always did it. Likewise, maybe there was only one car in the family. Our lives change so quickly and we really need to change with it. Maybe your spouse has gotten very ill. As a result, you need to do the driving. As well, maybe your family now has 2 vehicles and it would be great if you could get out and feel the independence that comes with a drivers licence.

Imagine the little things that everyone takes for granted, for instance, being able to go Christmas shopping on your own.

Here at By Law Driving School we understand and it is our pleasure to help you get your licence and your independence.

Also, By Law Driving School can help you with rebuilding confidence after a life setback. Did you have a stroke? How about partial vision loss? These are just a few examples but you get the idea. Let us help you feel comfortable and confident to drive again.

Pick-up and drop-off Included in Lesson

On the day of your scheduled lesson, By Law Driving School will come to your home (or a agreed upon location) and will drop you back off at that same location at the end of the lesson.

Available 7 Days A Week

At By Law Driving School, we understand the busy schedules in today’s life.  That’s whey we are available 7 days a week.  Contact us to see when we have a free slot open that will work for you!

By Law Driving School - Old or Young


At By Law Driving School we have the skills to help both the young and the old….er.  If you have the desire to learn or improve, we can help you!

In no time you will have the skills and confidence of a great driver.

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Driving School helpful links:

Follow the below links to download your PDF version of the Complete Drivers Handbook and the Graduated Drivers Licensing Guide.  As well, test your knowledge to see if your ready for the written test by taking some of the MPI online quizzes.

By Law Driving School MPI Drivers Handbook
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