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Safe driving is always important, but being on the road during winter needs extra precautions. Follow our weekly tips on safe winter driving.

TIP #2 – Defrost your windows well

Neglecting to defrost your windows might get you to your destination faster, but it’s a dangerous habit. Plan for a few extra minutes to clean all your car’s windows well. And don’t forget the top of your vehicle-snow could slide down the windshield and obstruct your view while the vehicle is in motion.  Also, clean the inside of your windows once a week.  Invest in a good windshield scraper.  If you find yourself without one, a credit card can work as an ice scraper in a pinch.

Use a mixture of three parts vinegar, one part water in a spray bottle to make window deicer. Never use hot water to melt ice, the sudden change of temperature can cause the glass to shatter.


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