True Story!

This story takes place May long weekend 2012, Winnipeg Manitoba.  


I had just spent a great long weekend out in Kenora, Ontario and was now on the North perimeter, almost at the Main street turn off to head home.  Oh yes, I almost forgot, I was riding my Honda VTX 1300 Motorcycle, I had just got it and this was my first ride of the season.  I was all leatherd up for the long trip, gloves, jacket, chaps and a brand new full faced helmet.


At the Main Street turn off, I made the mistake of taking the first turn off instead of going under and around the overpass.  I instantly knew I messed up, but I also knew I could turn left at the first street and then correct my mistake.  So that’s what I was going to do.


Now remember, this was the end of the May long and everyone was heading back home so the traffic was crazy.  I got to the street, turned on my left turn signal well in advance, then sat there waiting for oncoming traffic to clear so I could safely make my turn.  


I knew a car had pulled up behind me and was waiting for his chance to go around. I continued watching and waiting.  I could hear and see the cars wizzing past me on my right.  I still watched ahead and waited.   I then heard a sudden acceleration and could see the car that was behind me, had the opportunity to get in the right lane and, very quickly, pass me.


Did he have his turn signals on?  I don’t know.  But I do know, I will never forget the next couple of seconds.   I was looking ahead.  I saw my opportunity to turn left… as soon as that red van passed by…….then I heard a screech, I heard a crunch and then I was airborn looking down.   I said to myself “Hey that’s my bike”, as I flew over top of it.  I then realized I had been rear ended.  My bike was pushed about 3 bike length ahead and I flew another 2 past that.  Luckily I was wearing all the proper gear and for just that brief moment there was no traffic in the lane I landed in.  I don’t remember how I did it, but I managed to land/roll without getting hurt or being hit by another vehicle.


As I stood up to get my bearings, the driver who hit me, was out of the car walking towards me.  It was a young girl, early 20’s I think.  The thing I noticed though, was the cell phone in her hand.  Oh no, if she were calling 911 that would have been great, but no.  She had been texting at the time and didn’t see me when the other car went around.


I had no broken bones, only allot of muscle pain and whiplash.  I was LUCKY!!

Every year, 29 people die in crashes linked to distracted driving in Manitoba.

Source: Traffic Accident Report Database, 2009-2013

MPI has an awesome website called who is driving?  I encourage all of you to take a look at the site and do the texting simulator.
by law driving school - mpi texting simulator


  • Manitobans convicted of using a hand-held electronic device while driving will receive five demerits and a $200 fine.
  • Almost 5,000 Manitoba drivers are convicted each year for using a hand-held electronic device while driving.  Source: Driver Licensing System, Manitoba Public Insurance
  • 1 in 3 deaths on Manitoba roads involves a distracted driver.Source: Traffic Accident Report Database, 2009-2013

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and check out this site.

Don’t let your “Text Results” look like this……crash

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